About us


Our business history is over 12 years.

Now we can proudly remember that thanks to a rather courageous trial to deliver in our country european quality baby food the Moldovan parents had a possibility to feed their kids with baby food which had been recognized all over the world. And for the first time it was possible not to worry about its quality, safety and good.

From the very beginning of our activity we cared about our reputation and the health of our small clients, choosing only reliable and established suppliers as well as time proved brands.

For today the companyHendrix BAIL is unacknowledged leader on import and distribution of baby food, accessories and cosmetics for children. Our goods for kids are of the best quality and in wide assortment can be purchased in more than 1000 shops in every part of our republic and it is referring only to the childhood, but all of them are more than 1500.

Our own retail chainBaby-Boom is worthy of a separate presentation. No other children shop of the republic can pride itself upon such a comprehensive range of qualitative and solicited goods. One can find in our shops practically everything that is necessary for the kid from the very birth.

Our Online shopwww.baby-boom.md is permanently working and constantly developing the network of the buyers. And this is not surprisingly because the parents have a firm confidence that it is not something virtual and doubtful, but a part of a reliable and time proved company.

We are glad that we are in the process of constant development, despitethe crisis times, and today more than 150 employees work in our company.

Each of us is a top-ranked specialist, and all together we are one big business team.

We will be happy to see you among our clients and our companys friends.

And whereas you are full of ideas, enthusiasm and desire to work you can viewour vacancies in a special section "Professional Life"

In our companys portfolio the following brands are presented:

  • Baby food:Nestle, Bebi, Hame, MD mil, Vinnie, SadyPridonya, FrutoNyanya, abrita, Gerber, Bellakt
  • Children's accessories:Canpol babies, Avent
  • Children's cosmetics:Bubchen, Nasha Mama, Ushastyi Nyany
  • Children's furniture: am, Brevi, Drewex
  • Toys:Fisher Price, Baby mix, Intercobo, Fancy
  • Baby Carriages and Car seats:Cam, Graco, Brevi, Chipolino, Neonato
  • Juice and nectars:Sady Pridonya, FrutoNyanya
  • Pastesand fish conservation :Hame
  • Ice-cream:Nestle

And also

  • SANO is a new and promising direction of our businessis - household cleaning products and cosmetics from Israel


The companyHendrix BAIL is always looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and is focused on long-term and reliable partner business relations.